Happy Balloon Hunt

Come on, pop that balloon!

Try and pop as many balloons as you can. But watch out, the balloons are rising faster and faster. And keep your swift fingers far away from the black balloons, they will steal a life from you.


The app is integrated with Game Center, so you can compete against your friends and climb your way up on the leaderboard. There is also achievements waiting to be pursued.


Happy Balloon Hunting!

Meet the balloons


These balloons come in different colors and they are your main focus. Pop everyone you see! You get one point per pop. Don't let them rise up to higher skies, 'cause then you're down one life.


Beware of this sneaky balloon! If you pop it, you will lose one life. The skull balloons like to hide in balloon clusters. Don't let them fool you!


This balloon is your one true friend.Pop it and it will restore one life. If your heart container is already full, then you get 10 points instead. It's a win-win with this precious balloon!


Nothing can go wrong when popping this star-sprangled balloon! It gives you 25 points every time. But you've got to move fast, the star balloon is super speedy.

Balloon fight

8 957 people in Kentucky participated in the world's largest water balloon fight . They used 175 141 water balloons.

A bad idea

Swedish engineer Andrée tried to reach the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon in 1897. He crashed after two days.

HBH High score

Current high score on Happy Balloon Hunt is 2653. The record was set on September 3, 2014. How long will it hold?

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