ABC Happy Animals 2

Prepare to meet new friends!

26 letters are just waiting for you to get to know them better. Learn what they look like and how to pronounce them. With each letter comes an animal, and that animal will help you remember which letter is which. Read more about some of the animals below.


Try your skills in the "ABC Quest", where match a sound with the correct letter. The app also includes a fun paint mode where you can practice your writing or just doodle around.


Meet some of the animals


Hi! I like playing hide and seek under the rocks in the ocean. I clap my claws when I'm happy. My favourite letter is C!


Hey! My real name is Hippopotamus, but you can call me Hippo. You will most likely find me standing in the water. I think the letter H is the most beautiful letter!


Grr! I like to be alone and I watch carefully over my territory. There is no question about it, T is the most powerful letter!


Yo! I live up in the mountains, so maybe we haven't met before. I never freeze, thanks to my thick fur. Y is my letter and I like it a lot.


Try it!

Try to say the alphabet without moving your lips or tongue! Every letter will sound the same.

Good to know

The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet.

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E is popular

The most commonly used letter in the English alphabet is E. The least commonly used letter is Z.

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